the journey forward

It begins…

Eyes Open International is a Non-Profit Organization based out of Cincinnati, OH. It was founded in 2016 by Harold D’Souza, Jessica Donohue-Dioh and Dancy D’Souza. We work together as a team to educate, prevent and empower an international community to live a life free from human trafficking and exploitation. We bring experience, knowledge and research to achieve the most impact in the work we do.

Eyes Open International empowering a global community through knowledge and awareness.

Eyes Open International aims to promote a more just global community. Through education and awareness activities, EOI, empowers individuals and communities to face their future endeavors with more knowledge, protecting themselves from the exploits of human trafficking. Eyes Open International aims to limit vulnerability and enhance opportunity. EOI hopes to prevent human trafficking, eliminating this human rights exploitation for future generations.

People Living in Slavery
  • India

  • Cameroon

  • U.S.A.


In the creation of EOI we really felt this was the coming together of two colleagues, two families, two cultures, and ultimately one world vision. As members of a global community we believe that every individual and community should have the opportunity to participate in our global society. We acknowledge that for many people on the globe that might involve immigrating to another country, more often than not (as indicated by migration patterns), that destination country is the United States of America. From our vantage point we find ourselves in a position of encouraging individuals to find their own path into their future. For those individuals who know international migration may play a role in that future, we want to ensure they are in a position of self-determination and empowerment. As a Survivor of Labor Trafficking Harold knows first hand the potential risks and traps for a new immigrant to the United States of America. Jessica, as a Social Worker and Advocate has worked on the other side to facilitate recovery from exploitation tied to international migration. In short what we know to be true is that when people have information and knowledge they are more empowered to make better decisions for themselves (and others). We want to empower individuals and communities around the world so that they may forge their path forward with their Eyes Open.