Eyes Open International is thrilled to welcome Mamta Hunnar as the newst addition to the global team as the Executive Assistant to EOI’s President. Everyone at EOI admires Mamta’s strength of character, energetic attitude, and passion to make a difference.

Please find her personal statement below:

“Life is not always rainbows and sunshine: we all have days when nothing seems to be going as planned, when we find ourselves demotivated and engulfed in sadness. On such days, when you are unable to motivate yourself what you really need is some inspiring words or mission that can really light you up.

In my life EOI has been that beacon go inspiration and Harold Dsouza has really been a great guide and mentor. He is a person who really helps people without expectations and has reminded me to develop my vision, set my goals, and then go after them myself.

Mahatma Gandhiji said ” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others “. EOI is one such organization – where I can truly help others during their most difficult times.

I feel really honored to be a part of EOI family and working with such brilliant people in it. I feel that there is a lot to learn from them, and have accepted that there is no success without failure. Now, I am ready to open a new chapter in my life as a member of this amazing organization. “

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