Eyes Open International is pleased to announce the appointment of Yvan as an Advisory Board Member for United States of America.

Yvan lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife and 3 children. He has been active in many nonprofits assisting in various capacities and is active in his church.

Yvan is strongly aligned with Eyes Open International’s Mission to help combat human trafficking and help transform victims into survivors.

He is looking forward to the opportunity to bring greater awareness to human trafficking as well as empower victims and our communities.

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  • It is such a great news and happy moment again back to back today after yesterday.
    Congratulations Mr YVAN for being appointed as advisory board member of EOI in USA.
    With your wisdom and expertise EOI will cross new horizon.
    EOI is getting stronger and stronger day by day.
    Let’s love people and help victims.
    Let’s create more awearness on human labour and sex trafficking globely.

  • Congratulations Yvan!
    Saving lives saving humanity.
    Congratulations Harold D’souza as well for such noble work.

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